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I am a new media artist and 3d generalist that focuses on exploring the potential of creativity.I ‘m also an indie filmmaker that won several competitions. I have 7 years experience in my education exploring multiple design roles. I’m good at all aspects in 3d, from concept design to final render. I also have 2 years experience in the industry. One year for 3d visualization and design in a luxury lighting studio, One year doing freelance 3d related works such as modeling, concept design and video editing.In My indie film, The path of the Knight, my teammate and I developed a UnrealEngine pipeline of CG film making. I’m pretty sure my fast learning skills could benefit the role that I applied for . Art is unlimited and fun. That’s why I am so enthusiastic to explore and experiment. My aim is to turn the imagination into reality. To visualize emotions, ideas and understandings. New media tools such as 3D, VR, and installations are great platforms to achieve my goals within my work. I’d like to create artworks that could make the audience feel and experience a strong visual impact through meditating the deeper the meanings of my work.

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